Regression Analysis: Types and Illustration of Nonlinear Regression Analysis with Practical example

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By considering all your valuable comments, I am advancing topic of “Nonlinear Regression” in this video, mainly comments from the video on “Correlation and Regression”. This video is mainly focused on Regression analysis, it’s types and Nonlinear Regression in very detailed along with practical example.

Nonlinear Regression analysis is used to mathematically describe the nonlinear relationship between a response variable and one or more predictor variables. Specifically, use nonlinear regression instead of “ordinary least squares regression” when you cannot adequately model the relationship with linear parameters.

I am going to explain this tool with practical example for easy understanding and better clarity. This video contains following topics:

1) What is Regression Analysis and their types?

2) Brief explanation all types of Regression Analysis methods

3) When to use Nonlinear Regression Analysis?

4) Data considerations for Nonlinear Regression

5) Nonlinear Regression Analysis with Practical Example in Microsoft Excel

6) Interpretation of results from Regression analysis including R-Square, Significance F and p-values, Coefficients, Residuals and Best Fit Model for Nonlinear Regression

I am sure, you will like it. Please add your valuable comments and tell me where you are using these tools & techniques and your experiences during practical application.

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