Poka-Yoke: Concept, Introduction, Types and Illustration with Practical Examples

Hello Friends,

In this video, we are going to learn detailed Poka-yoke system along with practical examples, consisting of –

• What is Poka-Yoke?

• Foundation of Poka-Yoke system i.e. Culture in an organization

• The 1-10-100 rule regarding Error prevention v/s Defect detection

• Step-wise implementation approach for Poka-Yoke system-

 Step-1) Create Awareness about errors or mistakes:

 Step-2) Conduct Root Cause Analysis

 Step-3) Learn and Apply Six Poka-Yoke Techniques

1. Elimination

2. Replacement

3. Prevention

4. Facilitation

5. Detection and

6. Mitigation

• Hierarchy of Controls in Poka-Yoke system.

I have explained each of these points with the help of practical examples for easy understanding and better clarity.

I am sure, you will be liked it.

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