MSA_PART 2: 'Type 1 Gage Study' with Practical Example

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After learning of all MSA concepts, from this video onward, we are going to learn all MSA tools one by one. In this video, we are going to learn 1st MSA tool i.e. “Type 1 Gage Study” with practical example.

The Type 1 Gage Study is typically performed before a Gage R&R Study, to identify any deficiencies in the measurement system. In a Type 1 Gage Study, measurements of one part measured by one operator are analysed to estimate the level of variation in the Gage itself i.e. the Gage repeatability and the accuracy of the measurements.

I have explained Type 1 Gage Study in very detailed including its data consideration (requirements), Hypotheses used in it, Illustration with practical example and detailed interpretation of the results.

I am sure, you will like it.

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