Gage R&R Study (Crossed): Illustration with Practical Example (MSA PART-6)

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We are going to learn 2nd part of Gage R&R i.e. Data collection and Analysis of data from this video. In analysis, there are 3 tools for continuous data depending on the scenario i.e. Gage R&R (Crossed), Gage R&R (Nested) and Gage R&R (Expanded).

I have elaborated “Gage R&R (Crossed)” in this video with practical example for easy understanding and better clarity. Select Gage R&R Study (Crossed) when each part is measured multiple times by each operator. We must have a balanced design with random factors.

This video contains following topics:

1) Concepts of (Crossed), (Nested) or (Expanded) Gage R&R Study

2) Selection of (Crossed), (Nested) or (Expanded) Gage R&R Study

3) Types of variations in Measurement System_ Repeatability and Reproducibility

4) Methods of Assessing Repeatability and Reproducibility_ X-bar & R Method and ANOVA Method

5) Gage R&R Study (Crossed) with practical example in Minitab

6) Selection Criteria (Acceptance Criteria) for Gage R&R

7) Interpretation of results from Gage R&R Study (Crossed) in Minitab_ Session Window and Graph Window.

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