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The “Kaizen” is the philosophy of continuous improvement. Lean manufacturers use kaizen to help eliminate waste. With the rigorous use of kaizen, manufacturers continuously improve standardized processes, equipment, and other daily production procedures. The main requirement is that existing procedures be standardized and documented so that improvements can be evaluated objectively.

We will learn this tool in 2 parts. The 1st part will be about History, Benefits and Principle of Kaizen and the 2nd part will be the actual implementation of Kaizen as well as conducting Kaizen Event.

This video is about the 1st part, consists of the following topics:

• History of Kaizen
• Benefits of Kaizen to the company’s operations and output
• Benefits of Kaizen to the company’s overall culture and communication
• 10 Principles of Kaizen
• A detailed explanation of the concept “WASTE” in Lean Manufacturing
• 8 Types of Waste in Lean Manufacturing along with their description and losses


I am sure, you will be liked it.

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