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Hello Friends, 

            Many times, when we go for the analysis, the first question comes in our mind is about the type of data and which distribution is the best fit for the data. This is an important step before going for an analysis. 

            If we select an incorrect option for the analysis, then the interpretation of the results will be incorrect, which in turn initiates incorrect action and thereby incorrect results.

            To avoid this now onwards, we going to learn Individual Distribution Identification to identify the best distribution or transformation for your data before you perform an analysis in Minitab software with the help of a practical example for easy understanding and better clarity.

            This video consists of the following topics:

• Introduction of Individual Distribution Identification in Minitab

• Hypotheses for Individual Distribution Identification

• Data considerations for Individual Distribution Identification

• Example of Individual Distribution Identification

• Conduct Individual Distribution Identification in Minitab with a practical example to find out the most suitable distribution from 14 distributions and 2 transformations

• Detailed interpretation of results from Individual Distribution Identification including:

                  1. Probability plot for each distribution and transformation 

                  2. The goodness of Fit Test with p-value and LRT p values for each distribution and transformation

                  3. Descriptive Statistics for all observations in the data set

                  4. Maximum Likelihood (ML) estimates to understand the specific distribution model that is used for your data

                  5. Impact of transformation (Box-Cox and Johnson) on the data set and

• The conclusion from the Individual Distribution Identification.

            I am sure, you will be liked it.

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