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Hello Friends, 

            In the last video, we had seen the Introduction of Design of Experiments (DOE) as well as some of the important terms and concepts used in it with the help of practical examples. 

           In this video, we are going to learn the remaining terms and concepts used in the Design of Experiment with the help of practical examples to ensure great learning in future videos.

            This video consists of the following topics:

• Remaining Terms and Concepts used in Design of Experiments (DOE), like

                  1. Power and Sample size

                  2. Replication

                  3. Repeated measures

                  4. Order (Standard order and Run order)

                  5. Randomization

                  6. Confounding

                  7. Orthogonality

                  8. Blocking

                  9. Degrees of freedom (df)

                10. Main effects

                11. Interaction effects

                12. Balanced design and 

                13. Resolution

• Illustration of concepts in Design of Experiments (DOE) with Practical Example

            These are the remaining terms and concepts used in DOE. We will see each of these terms and concepts in DOE with a practical example in the next video. I am sure, you will be liked it.

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