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In the learning of root cause analysis, so far, we had seen 4 tools and techniques to identify the root cause of the problem and initiate effective countermeasures to avoid the reoccurrence of the problem. 

            These are Scatter Diagram, Fishbone Diagram, FMEA i.e. Failure Mode and Effects Analysis, and Pareto chart. If you want to learn them or refresh your knowledge regarding these tools, please click on this card to visit the playlist named “Root Cause Analysis”.

            From this video, we are going to learn the 5th tool related to “Root Cause Analysis” i.e. 5 Why technique, with the help of practical examples for easy understanding and better clarity. 

            We will see this tool in 2 parts. The first part will be explaining the detailed procedure to conduct “5 Why analysis” and how to confirm whether it is done correctly or not, with the help of practical examples for easy understanding and better clarity.

            This video consists of the following topics:

• What is a Root Cause Analysis and process flow for Problem-solving?

• What is 5-WHY Analysis?

• How 5-WHY Analysis addressed two different problems at the same time?

• Consideration during the use of 5 Why technique

• 5-WHY Analysis with Practical Example

• Use of 6M (Man, Machine, Material, Method, Measurement, and Environment) in 5-WHY Analysis

• How to confirm whether the 5-WHY analysis exercise done correctly? and

• The conclusion from the 5-WHY analysis

I am sure, you will be liked it.

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